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Fluid transit solutions


Who are we?

At Valley Energy Services, we specialize in providing top-tier fluid transit solutions to the energy industry. Leveraging the extensive experience and reliability of our parent company, Valley Express, we are committed to delivering excellence in hauling fresh water, frac sand, production water, and flowback. Our dedication to safety, efficiency, and sustainability makes us a trusted partner in powering the energy sector. 


Valley Express, Inc is proud of the hard work, dedication, and outstanding safety record of our owner-operators and drivers. 


At Valley Express, we are committed to helping our owner-operators get started, and maintain competitive miles, maximum dollars, and desired home time. We can help with start up costs for licensing and permits, cargo insurance premiums, fuel tax reporting, and advances on loads.

Connecting the dots with Valley Express

Valley Express stands at the forefront of global logistics, seamlessly "connecting the dots" between its specialized divisions to ensure a comprehensive and cohesive service experience. Valley Worldwide, as an integral part of this family, extends the reach of Valley Express's expert logistics solutions across the globe, ensuring that every corner of the world is accessible with efficiency and precision. Complementing this network, Valley Energy Services brings a focused expertise in energy logistics, connecting the intricate needs of energy sectors with the robust capabilities of Valley Express. Together, these entities form a synchronized trio, where Valley Express's broad logistical prowess, Valley Worldwide's global reach, and Valley Energy Services' specialized focus converge to offer a unified, all-encompassing service portfolio, keeping the world connected, one dot at a time.

What can Valley Energy Services do for you? 
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